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Common habits that can make acne scars worse

acne scars worse

Acne itself can be immensely annoying. Unfortunately, it leaves unwanted marks and scars that can last a long time. Not only are acne scars more difficult to treat than acne, but they can also get worse due to our everyday habits.

To help you avoid this situation, we have listed out some common habits that you need to stop right away.

1. Popping your pimples to treat them quickly
Popping a pimple does more harm than good because this external manipulation increases the risk of discoloration and scarring. Also, avoid scratching or rubbing your acne and its blemishes. This transfers the bacteria from your hands to your face and leads to inflammation. Instead of scratching acne, put a bit of spot treatment on the blemish and patiently wait for it to heal.

2. Covering up your acne blemishes with heavy makeup
Covering your blemishes with a lot of foundation and concealer can help you hide them, but this is not a long-term solution. In fact, this habit can irritate the skin and make acne scars worse. The correct way of dealing with acne scars is spot treatments and patience. However, if you absolutely need to use makeup, choose beauty products that are oil-free and non-comedogenic.

3. Trying a new acne treatment every week
When people don’t see quick results from their acne treatments, usually they turn toward another treatment within a week. This impatient approach can irritate your skin to cause breakouts. Give an acne treatment time to work. Wait for at least six to eight weeks before trying another product. Complete clearing generally takes 3-4 months, so being patient is the key to success here.

4. Sharing your makeup, brushes and other tools
Sharing is a good thing but when it comes to makeup and the tools that go along with it, it is a complete no-no. No matter how clean your products are, sharing them leads to transfer of acne-causing bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells. Also, make sure you clean your makeup tools regularly as the products sitting on them gather bacteria over time.

Source: News365

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