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Boity Thulo lashes out at Vodacom for stealing her data and airtime

Local entertainer and rapper, Boity Thulo, has slammed mobile provider Vodacom for ‘stealing her data and airtime’. Mzansi knows the pain of data costs and running out of it and agreed with the celeb.

Boity Thulo

If there’s one pain that all South Africans go through together, it’s the misery of dealing with mobile providers. Boity Thulo recently shared her own experience with a provider, Vodacom in this case, and boy, was she unhappy. She took to social media and – in capital letters – expressed her displeasure with the provider. According to her, they steal her airtime and data

After Boity’s mini-rant, her fans were quick to agree – and no provider was spared. MTN, CellC and Telkom all got lashed out against. One tweep, @Tillytiny1 claimed to have left Vodacom for Telkom but isn’t much better off. Left vodacom last month joined telkom and am disappointed they steal your airtime and data then they pause you.

Boity Thulo

@BonganiNtuli is ready to take thing further: I’d go to war with them for you Boitumelo! Id burn everything down Fellow Vodacom user, @Slindolu2li, also shared their experience. I am appalled by @Vodacom the stealing of airtime and data is something this network does ALL the time incl the “extra airtime” they give you. I don’t even bother to call and ask, you guys are just pathetic period.

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