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7 TikTok food trends that went viral in 2022

Social media sites have become a hub for experiments and when it comes to food, TikTok pulled some of the best ones.

In fact, if reports are to be believed, then #foodtiktok pulled in 106.6 billion views in 2022.
These food trends not only help make some creative dishes but also promote fun in the kitchen as many people are scared of entering this area of the home.

So, if you are looking for some easy ways to spice up your meals, try these food trends that were popularized this year.

They are super simple and can help in making some really creative and tasty dishes. Take a look.

1. Cloud Bread
The number one food trend on TikTok is making Cloud Bread which can be made with just 3 ingredients. With about 3.4 billion views, TikTokers literally baked Cloud Bread throughout the year. The popularity of this dish relies on the fact that it’s super easy to make and is low-carb, gluten-free and an excellent option for those on a Keto diet. One of the most popular recipes of Cloud Bread includes cream cheese, eggs and cream of tartar.

2. Baked Oats
Looking more like a dessert than a simple breakfast, this food trend popularised the concept of eating oats in the morning. This dish got about 1.3 billion views on the video-sharing platform. Using this trend, people made several recipes using this viral food trend. One of the most viewed Baked Oats videos is from Quaker Canada, which shared the recipe for Apple Crumble Baked Oats that has received more than 3.7 million views.

3. Charcuterie Boards
Rounding off the top three is Charcuterie Boards which has got about a whopping 1.6 billion views. The history of this board dates back to the 15th century when the French people used to sell products made of pork meat that included its internal organs as well. With about 1.2 billion views, this food trend has caught TikToker’s attention who are creating their Charcuterie board for home parties. This board is an assortment of meat placed alongside different varieties of cheese, pickles and crackers. Though this food trend was popularised in the year 2020, there is still a craze among people about this board.

4. Birria Tacos
If you are someone who loves to gorge on Tacos, then here’s some good news for you as this trend of Birria Tacos got about 922.2 million views. It got popularised during the pandemic when everyone craved comfort food and thus came this dish called Birria Tacos which was prepared with Tacos loaded with lots of cheese, onion, cilantro and meat. These Tacos are best enjoyed with a broth called consomme and thus the dippable Tacos.

5. Mug Cake
The next name in this list is Mug Cake, which was viewed by 1 billion people on TikTok. This dish was popularised as many people craved something sweet that could be easily baked and ta-da, there it was. It’s a very old concept, and TikTokers took it to another level and made some really delicious cakes. It was the Oreo Mug Cake recipe made with just 3 ingredients that took the internet by storm and required only milk, baking powder and Oreo cookies.

6. Pasta Chips
This food trend is based on the concept of air fryers, which help make the whole junk food experience into a healthy one. This food trend gave way to a whole new idea of consuming pasta in a different way. This trend was popularised with the Pasta Chips recipe video shared by blogger Yumna Jawad, who got about 23.4 million views on her video recipe. Now, there have been over 1.6 billion views on this food trend since the first one was shared. This delicious trend makes pasta shapes crisp and crunchy, with many users adding seasoning twists to their dishes – from chilli to cream cheese dip.

7. Butter Boards
Giving tough competition to Cheese Boards, this viral TikTok food trend took over social media by storm. Popularised by Tik Tok blogger Justine Doiron, Butter Boards are inspired by the French charcuterie boards. These Butter Boards include a wooden board smeared with lots of butter. On this butter, one can add their choice of seasonings, and herbs along with fruits and veggies. People enjoy these butter boards during a large audience with different choices of bread. Apparently, the Butter Boards food trend garnered about 358.4 million views on TikTok.

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