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Zodwa Mkandla loses $60 000 goods to her security guard



Zodwa Mkandla

Harare businesswoman Ms Zodwa Mkandla allegedly lost property worth more than $60 000 to her security guard who on separate occasions used duplicate keys to enter her Domboshava house to loot various goods.

The incidents would happen when Ms Mkandla, the director of Traverse Travel was away on business.

Justice Jasi (26) allegedly stole the goods that included, foodstuffs, electrical gadgets, clothing, jewellery and expensive mobile phones.

Upon noticing that she was constantly losing her valuables whenever she travelled, Ms Mkandla installed closed circuit television (CCTV) in the house.

When Jasi became aware of the CCTV, he allegedly dismantled it and stole the hard drive such that when Ms Mkandla returned from her trip and tried to play the footage, nothing showed.

Jasi was arrested in 2015 and appeared before a Harare magistrate charged with unlawful entry in aggravating circumstances before he was granted bail.

He then absconded court before the trial commenced and has been on the run since then. He was recently apprehended and appeared before magistrate Ms Vicky Mashamba yesterday.

Prosecuting, Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that sometime in January 2015, Jasi unlawfully entered Ms Mkandla’s house and stole duplicate keys to her main door, bedroom and office.

Between January 2015 and November 2016, Jasi would use the keys to gain entry into the house and steal various goods while Ms Mkandla would be away on business trips.

When she discovered the theft, Ms Mkandla installed a CCTV so that she could monitor movements in her house ,but Jasi stole the hard drive.

The complainant reported the matter to Chinamhora police and investigations commenced. After noticing that there were no signs of break-ins at the house, police detectives conducted searches at all of Ms Mkandla’s employee’s houses. The Herald



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