T Man gets credited for his credentials

MOUNT ZION music producer T Man has been credited for his credentials as proved with Soul Jah Love’s recently dropped album, Zviri Pandiri Zvihombe.

T Man said it was not easy to come up with a polished album but through hard work and sleepless nights, he managed to deliver.

“It is never easy working with Jah Love because his fans expect well-polished music, so it took me time to make this album a good one for the fans,” said T Man.

The dancehall award-winning music producer said Soul Jah Love was constructive on the album making.

“Chibaba would come to me with various concepts which I would surprisingly buy into.

“So, for this album, I wouldn’t take the credit alone but also those who featured on the album,” he said.

The Mount Zion music producer said he looks forward to working with Jah Love again in the future.

Source – MbareTimes