10 Richest and Famous Kids In Zimbabwe

Whilst millions of Zimbabwean people are separated with their families in order to provide for them, struggle with unemployment and lack of basic health care, there a small percentage in Zimbabwe that doesn’t know nor understand that side of life.

Expensive cars, designer clothes, mansions, overseas holidays, parties and expensive alcohol, they have it all and they love to flaunt it all on social media….. CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURES

1 Genius Ginimbi

Genius Ginimbi


2 Wicknell Chivayo

Wicknell Chivayo


3 Robert Jnr Mugabe

Robert Jnr Mugabe


4 Mudiwa Hood

Mudiwa Hood


5 Michelle Chiyangwa

Michelle Chiyangwa


6 Bellarmine Chatunga Mugabe

Bellarmine Chatunga Mugabe


7 Vannesa Chiyangwa

Vannesa Chiyangwa


8 Sidney Hambira Jr

Sidney Hambira Jr


9 Pokello Nare

Pokello Nare


10 Jackie Ngarande

Jackie Ngarande