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Kadoma on high alert after cholera outbreak in Chegutu




The City of Kadoma Department of Health has allayed fears of a Cholera outbreak in Kadoma.

They say they are well prepared for the epidemic and there are no confirmed cases in the city. Read their statement below:

“Alarm has been raised, through various media, about a case of cholera in Kadoma city. We would like to make it clear that since the occurrence of the cholera outbreak in Chegutu, the health fraternity in Kadoma has been on high alert. As we stand we want to reassure you that currently there is no confirmed case in Kadoma. A suspected case is currently being investigated and this suspected case is not a resident of Kadoma,” reports reveal.


“He is a resident of Aryshire farm in Banket, thus where he fell sick and came to Kadoma (20 January) on the invitation of his sister for treatment. The patient was brought straight to the Kadoma hospital by relatives on arrival. We would like to inform our residents that Chegutu has confirmed cholera cases.”

Cholera can be transmitted easily, far and wide. People contract cholera through drinking water or eating food that is contaminated with germs that cause Cholera.

“We urge Kadoma Residents to practice safe hygiene by washing hand before and after meals, wash hands after using the toilet, drink water from a safe source, avoid open defecation, boiling and treating water for consumption and proper waste disposal. Avoid unnecessary gatherings and travelling to areas where there is an outbreak. Any person with diarrhoea should take sugar salt solution and report to the nearest health facilities as soon as possible,” said the city council.

“Treatment for diarrheal disease will be free in Kadoma City Clinics till further notice. If you have any queries or want to report any cholera suspected cases please contact Mr D Chirundu (Director of Health and Environmental Services Kadoma City Municipality) on 0773 235 595.”



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